Welcome to cheese vat for sale! Used dairy equipment for small entrepreneurs.


PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE: http://www.smalldairyequipment.com


Demand for dairy products grows year after year worldwide. Both commodities and local farm products.

This offers opportunities for dairy farmers, large dairy processors but also for small entrepreneurs. Producing basic dairy products on a small scale in Africa or producing local specialties in the US. The future looks very good!

An important part of getting started (or scaling up) in the dairy business is sourcing equipment. New equipment is very expensive and used dairy equipment is sometimes hard to find. On this website I offer used dairy equipment from small farms from Europe. I am starting with cheese vats, pasteurizers and milk coolers. My aim is to help small entrepreneurs succeed in dairy.

At the moment I also have a used cup filling and sealing machine for sale. I have made a separate website for this machine: http://www.cupfillingsealingmachine.com

All offered dairy equipment is used and sold “as is”. I will add well taken photos and add a proper description. We ship worldwide.

If you have any questions you can send me an e-mail:


Kind Regards,

Johan Vermeltfoort

cheese vat pasteurizer for sale


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